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Reamedi Classroom

"REAMEDI Classroom it's not merely a tablet based education! It's more than that! It can do wonders!"

REAMEDI CLASSROOM is completely different from smart classrooms or Virtual Classrooms. REAMEDI CLASSROOM can be integrated into the day to day teaching. REAMEDI CLASSROOM is unique tablet-based cutting edge technology which is going to transform learning and teaching to a next level. REAMEDI stand for Reach Me Direct 1 teacher: 1 Student (1:1) ratio. Time for us to see beyond our conventional method of teaching with White/Blackboard, textbooks, notebooks and were no personal attention towards students. This "REAMEDI CLASSROOM" will bring new life to the entire Education system by connecting Parents, Teacher, Student & Management with effective TABLET based ICT digital interactive technological tool that makes day to day classroom more vibrate, live and interactive. Ultimately it enhances, increases learning and listening potential of students by incorporating the functions and features of regular classroom activity.


  • Free from carrying physical notes and books- Only light weighted Tablet which has digital book, digital notes for writing, typing and drawing on the fly by stylus and stores it for each subject of study
  • Enjoy teacher's personalized attention at the classroom
  • "Spot on focus" on subject of teaching
  • Collaborate and interacted with faculty and another student's instant to clarify doubts
  • Will enjoy learning the subject concept effectively through text, whiteboard explanation & related Audio-video content right at his/her TABLET in the classroom


  • REAMEDI CLASSROOM is a part of teaching process and no duplicate effort
  • Teachers can reach out to each student individually during their regular teaching
  • On the fly assessment at the end of each class will measure the skill & understanding gap of the students which helps teachers to give attention based on student’s learning capacity
  • Identify the slow learners and improve their skills.
  • Can teach from their home if unable to come to school.
  • Can use their own content, 3rd party content, Video on the fly also locate the resource from the internet and Teach online at a time.
  • Alert when a student not focusing on a lesson will help teachers to bring him back to focus.


  • REAMEDI CLASSROOM Able to track the progress of the students & teachers
  • Can have in-depth information on students & teachers performance
  • This improves the overall productivity of the school and its result


  • REAMEDI CLASSROOM able to track the progress/results and performance of their wards on hourly basis
  • By knowing the progress of their wards parents need not have to wait for rank card or Parents meeting, every hourly report will make it clear for them to correct them instantly
  • This maintains a good Teacher Parent relationship without any blame game on each other.
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Download Reamedi Classroom (updated) Brochure