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Virtual Smart HDVT

We are Having an Innovative product, called Smart HDVT which is very useful for Tele-Conferences in the Governmental and Private sector as well as Online classes like NEET, J2EE or Distance Based Education. It supports all platforms like Internet, satellite and Wi-Fi Networks. It remotely connects to the clients all over the world. The following Diagram shows the working procedure of High Definition Virtual Tele – Presence (HDVT) program.


  • The synchronous learning components enable two-way real time collaboration with the multi studio and multi classroom environment through the combination of heterogeneous network platform
  • Provides multicast mode of delivery of live lecture sessions to the multiple remote virtual classrooms in an integrated environment with High definition video, audio, content and collaborative tools. The return video and audio from the remote students shall be through on-demand selection
  • Provides unique integrated GUI with the following components: Teacher video, student video, presentation screen panel to support graphics, images, slides, flash animations, and HTML web navigation container, whiteboard, chat, Text question & answer panel, Message service panel, Desktop sharing, audio request, video request and remote monitoring
  • Provides multiple video formats for streaming such as MPEG1 /MPEG2 /H.264 in a differential bandwidth. The application shall identify the streaming format and appropriately load the corresponding decoder for video streams. It works in multicast mode from 256 Kbps to 2/4/6 Mbps in forwarding link as required and the uni-cast/ multicast return video from 64Kbps to 512 Kbps
  • The system enables the teacher to deliver live lecture presentation content on the fly to the students whenever necessary during the live lecture session. The system provides the capability to deliver the content simultaneously and synchronously to all users once the teacher selects the respective content slide
  • The content delivery, audio, video and data will be captured into the knowledge repository for the review learning just as it is delivered online in a compressed format
  • Provides the facility to receive requests from the students for permissions to interact with the teacher. Shall be able to select any requested student and give permissions to enable the required collaboration tools for interaction between them Teacher can able to provide / revoke the permission by collaborative feature-wise selection or user-wise selection.
  • Provides integrated facility of text based public chat & private chat among the teacher & students and enable users to save the public chat information as a text file
  • Provides integrated facility of shared whiteboard tool with basic drawing tools and shall have multiple whiteboard pages. Students can able to save the illustrated whiteboard pages as a file
  • The teacher can able to take classes directly using the electronic interactive smart board and conduct live lecture class with online illustration and presentation
  • Provides message services utility to deliver online messages to the students by selection and also have facility for students to reply the same
  • Provides the facility for the teacher to receive text questions from the students in queue and allow reply to the selected question
  • Teacher and see each other and interact by selection. Also, provides remote monitoring facility to view multiple students as per the network bandwidth availability
  • Provides integrated interface with the digital library module of asynchronous learning system, so that teacher can search a book in the digital library and locate & refer a particular page to the students for ready reference of the book during the live session
  • Provides quiz facility to allow the teacher to select the questions from the question bank and able to present to the remote students. The results can be viewed as a graphical illustration
  • Provides built-in web container and assist the teacher in browsing the web page URL and directly deliver to all the remote users simultaneously
  • The system allows the teacher in the studio to select, and enable the remote expert or student from the virtual classroom to become a teacher with video, audio and presentation content in a multicast environment during the live session
  • The system can able to capture the entire session dynamically into the knowledge management system and makes it available for the students for review learning purpose
  • The delivery platform of the classroom works both in high bandwidth multicast environment as well as Internet. This works in an integrated server environment from the data center

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