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Tele Radiology

A Radiology Information System (RIS) is a computerized database used by radiology departments to store, manipulate, and distribute patient radiological data and images. The system generally consists of patients tracking and scheduling, result reporting and image tracking capabilities.


  • Access & convenient to the patient's Radiologists and the physicians
  • Hierarchical storage framework, advanced QC module, Cobb angle measurement and etc
  • Quick & precise diagnosis: Makes accurate data for efficient healthcare
  • Cost Effectiveness: Virtual Tele – Radiology reduces necessity to travel and other attendant costs for the patient and the accompanying person
  • Increased Independence: Integrates with virtual Tele – Medicine for home or personal care environment / elderly patient
  • Safety & Security: Virtual Tele – Medicine guarantees privacy and high-level security for healthcare information, accessible only to authorized personnel
  • DICOM – IAN (Instances Availability Notification)
  • Work list management in PACS server and modality
  • Reports – Workload per modality, Cost per study, Modality schedule, User configurable, User customizable Image header display
  • DICOM Media Creation – CD, DVD, Flash Drive and etc
  • Supports RGB & True color image display, multi – frame image display (Cardiac Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine etc.,) image filters such as sharpen ,edge Enhancement ,unsharp mask and etc
  • Cardio – thoracic radio measurement
  • Audit training within the framework of HIPPA
  • Image compression engine customization


  • Achieve Inter – connectivity, and Interoperability through PACS & DICOM
  • Order and view reports in minutes by online
  • Store and forward electronic health records
  • Seamless modality connectivity
  • Secured and encrypted HL – 7 message transactions
  • Easy operational and intuitive multi – functional DICOM viewer
  • Widely accepted and used open source technology

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