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Professional Services :

Business thrives on the ability by anticipating, adapt, implement and manage changes in technology as well as customer expectations. To stay ahead on the competitive challenged IT environment, it requires effective planning, execution, and management of human, capital, infrastructure, and processes. However, all these demands a considerable investment of time as well as money, which can drive your focus away from the core business activities. Experts advise from an efficient and trusted IT consultant can help you minimize risks, avoid pitfalls and gain a competitive edge in business. Aimjoro Tech Solution's comprehensive Professional Services help our clients enhance their productivity and increase ROI without any overheads.

Product Engineering Services : "Develop rich products from vision to launch"

We support customers for transforming their vision into solution from product conceptualization, usability engineering to development, testing and deployment. Since Inception Aimjoro Tech has embraced product development as a core business function. The key term is to bring decades of experience in delivering the solution from a vision of global companies that wish to outsource their product development. Unlike application development, product development involves a lot of groundwork to define the vision, consider sustainability and ensure business success. We plan a roadmap along with the client, work to develop the product within the target budget and deliver on time. We assure quality, speed and best price tag.

Enterprise Mobility Services :

Have an idea? Want to publish it on the iOS App Store, or the Android Play Store, or any other market?
Aimjoro Tech has the expertise to help bring your idea to life. Whether you want a fully native solution, using Objective-C, Java/Dalvik, etc., or you want a cross-platform solution using Phone Gap, RhoMobile, etc., we have the technical expertise to get it done for you.