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Virtual E-Governance

Virtual e-Govern facilitates access to information and improving the means for expression, discourse, mobilization and advocacy and enhancing the democratic quality of the administrative process through more transparency, accountability with collective participation. It makes the internal working of administrations more effective and efficient and further enhancing the range and utility of public services and making their delivery to citizens and businesses more accessible and responsive to the needs of all.


  • Human Resource Management - Master employee Management, Organization structure, Role and Department allotment, Leave management.
  • Document - File / Record management, Version control, Archival, Encryption / Decryption etc. Every user can have their own document space to create, upload, retain, reuse and share the electronic documents.
  • File / Record / Green sheet dynamic workflow, digital certificates, Encryption / Decryption, File routing, File noting, Electronic signature, SMS alerts, Interface with other modules for carrying out the workflow. Built in search engine for metadata search and free text search.
  • Meeting Management - Organizing the meeting, agenda, meeting notification through The Web, SMS, email; Minutes of meeting recording, MOM Carry forward, Task assignment and Task closure for action items; Instant MOM Generation; Archival of MOM.
  • Project Management - Project initiation, Project assignment, Project Planning, Project resource allocation, Project execution, Project task allocation, Project Time sheet, project milestones, Project deliverable, project closure, project monitoring, project reporting etc.,
  • Task Management - To manage and monitor the tasks across the organizational setup. Helps to create a task with attachments, Assign to the departmental users, task based discussion, dynamic capturing of discussion with documentation, Task closure and Task reports.
  • Appointment Management - To manage user appointments at all levels and provides the functionality such as create an appointment, status list, property settings, Search, view & update of the existing appointments.
  • Helpdesk - Help Desk Services in line with the product solution, local environment, and hardware and software maintenance and provide the services such as Complaint booking, tracking, reply and reporting to the users.
  • Issue Management - If the issues are not resolved within its frequency range in terms of days or any other measure, it can be escalated to the next level in the hierarchy. Issues, which are not resolved for the certain period, can be categorized with various flags for the regular review meetings for the resolution of the issues.
  • Grievances will be handled with immediate attention and send the grievances to the workflow for the immediate resolution of the issues at the highest level of the hierarchy.
  • e-Procurement of items through e-tendering mechanisms for the procurement of materials, components, systems, products and other construction materials, contract jobs, Manpower, Outsourcing electrical works, services outsourcing etc., It includes vendor management, tender processing, validating the tender, techno-commercial comparative evaluation, selection of tenders, placing the purchase order, delivery and stock taking, issue of items for the work and replenishing the items etc., are handled.
  • Budget allocation on various heads, Budget control and its management system on various heads and its utilization, bills settlements, sanctioning the cheques and other Budget control and its management activities.
  • Indent Management to help the organization to maintain the purchase and issue of goods effectively by the way of creating the Records, ledgers and issue the indents.

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